Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Telluride Bluegrass

Darell Scott w/Bob Heminger during the Father's Day Gospel set
View of Town  Park and the festival
So Telluride has come and gone once again, and just like that it is over.  All of the prep work, the set-up time, the long days, the killer music, the teardown, and the exodus, are all over.  We can now proceed with the summer schedule knowing that the biggest show is behind us.  And it is the biggest for good reason as this event lives up to the hype.  The music is always amazing, the festival is 4 days long, which includes 2 days to set-up and a day to tear it all down, Autumn brings a large inventory and  large crew,  the weather is completely unpredictable, and the crowd is about 10,000/day.  It all adds up to being a major undertaking.

Kim R. , Autumn, and Connie C day 1 of set-up
We bring a wood floor for inside the booth (yes we build a floor), a pop-up-camper to live in, 2 booths, a crew of 4 women, Autumn, myself, a lot of food, beer, wine, and various other amenities and hunker down in the great town of Telluride for 6 days.  It really is a ton of fun.

Main Stage

 This was the 38th annual and ATD's 5th annual Bluegrass, and it went great.  A misguided weather forecast kept things interesting with an incredibly hot sunny start, followed by some partly cloudy skies, finishing with a rainy and snowy ending.  Very memorable to say the least and even people that have been attending for a lot longer than us don't ever  remember having it snow.

Snow on the Peaks above town park
All in all the show went fantastic and I think Autumn relaxed more than ever,  even with the cold rain and snow.  Also the crew this year ,  Connie C. , Kim R. , Kim S., and Brittany C., all worked super hard to make things happen , and everything went super smooth.

From the crowd on the last night
I will finish by posting a collection of pics. from the show.

Autumn and Jen in the poser pit 
A busy booth with Connie (in shades) and Kim S (back)

Janzen in the camper
Avatar Jaden
Jaden and Pete K in the poser pit during Mumford and Sons
I was shooting photos for The Bluegrass Blog and if you want to see shots of the music go there.  All four days are documented with a bonus post.  It was a lot of fun and Autumn and I had a great time hanging out in the pit listening to some truly amazing music.

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